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In Good Times and Bad

Marriage is one of those relationships where you choose your partner, and you have to choose each day to stay with them.  Our vows say for better or worse, in sickness and health.  Do we really mean that at the time we say them, or are we starry eyed and dreamy?

I’ll be the first to tell you all, our marriage is not perfect.  Some days it’s a trainwreck complete with an explosion.  We are opposites, both stubborn, and then throw in children who act like us into the mix, and we have a perfect wreck.  Hubbs will yell and take things out on inanimate objects.  I will yell and go clean something.  There’s been times most of our house has been spotless in a short time, and I’ve joked that to get it done very fast, make me mad.  I think there’s times he takes me up on it.

There’s two options for us.  Stay and work things out, or let the marriage go.  Hubby is on his second marriage (I’m wife #2), I’m on my first and only.  Each day we choose not to go to a divorce lawyer.  Instead, we go visit our pastor weekly for counselling.  Some weeks are better than others.  When we put God in the middle and focus on Him, our week goes so much better, we are cordial to each other, we don’t set each other off in tirades that go nowhere, and there’s less stress.  When we forego our bible reading, praying, etc, the train derails and there’s mass casualties.

If your marriage needs help, don’t be afraid to go to your pastor and seek counselling.  Sometimes it takes an outside view, from someone who has a biblical view and knowledge, to help.  That outside view, along with biblical insight, can help diffuse situations, help us take a look at things in a different light.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

God created marriage, between woman and man.  He must be the center of your marriage, or it won’t be the marriage it can and should be.  Picture it as a triangle, with husband and wife at opposite side of the base.  If we focus on God, we can’t help but come together.  If we don’t focus on Him, we’re going to stay far from each other.  It’s up to us to decide what we want.

I am not a perfect wife.  I have many flaws.  I am stubborn.  I am strong, to a fault at times.  I see in black and white with no real room for gray.  I have high expectations, and there’s times my husband cannot (or won’t) live up to them.  I can growl and bark with the best of them.  Oh there’s more…believe me there’s more….

It’s taken some drastic things to make me step back and say..”help..”  There’s been occasions that I would walk away if I had chance.  But the Lord will not let me.  Instead He finds ways to encourage and build.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Don’t think that all marriages are perfect, based on the outward view from the pew or blog or anywhere else.  We are human, with lots of room needed for growth.

Stay focused on the Lord, and He will guide you.


Finding Peace In Chaos

Chaos seems to be all over.  You’ve seen it, in the newspaper, on tv, heard it on the radio.  You’ve heard of the “Occupy” movements that leaves parks cluttered and creates an unruly bunch of people demanding something for nothing.  You’ve seen the people who choose to take a weapon to a public locale and kill/wound others.  You’ve heard of the global economic situation.

It  all runs together and creates a big chaotic mess.

The devil loves it!  He loves seeing people killing one another, hoping to bring more to hell with him.  He tries to keep people from focusing on the Lord, from enjoying the peace of God, the comfort and joy of knowing the Love of the Lord.  Satan rejoices the more the world declines.

But do not be deceived….Satan won’t be happy forever.

Jesus has already defeated Satan.  He did this a long time ago.  Jesus defeated death and hell.  He withstood all the things the devil threw at Him in temptation.

Dear friend, don’t feel like a failure if you don’t withstand each temptation.  The devil tries hard to keep a Christian from living for Jesus, and uses any means he can concoct to keep us from doing just that.  He knows our weaknesses and plays on them.  Something you’ve tried hard to overcome and with Jesus, you have–the devil will use that very thing to work at you, to try to put a divider between you and Christ.

The devil is working overtime right now, he knows his time is nearly over.  He knows how the story ends better than many Christians, and he wants to take as many of us with him as he can.  He creates chaos in the world around us to keep people in upheavel, to get people to curse God, deny Jesus.  He wants us Christians to turn away from the Lord.

No matter how hard life gets, no matter how much chaos in our lives…don’t turn away.  Stay with the Lord and Savior, and He shall take care of you.  Life isn’t perfect and easy as a Christian, regardless of what the health and wealth crowd teaches….but Jesus didn’t promise and easy life.  He just promised to be with us through it and all the way through eternity!

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Growing Pains

A few weeks ago Miss Jess brought home a little cutting of a plant.  The little thing had 3 leaves and no root system, but it was lodged in a cup of soil and ready to start out.  Miss Jess left it on her dresser for a few days and didn’t mention she had it, but I found it when putting away clothes.  I put some water in it and set it in the kitchen window.

2 weeks later, we had doubled leaves!!  YAY!  Miss Jess was excited as can be to see her little plant growing.  4 weeks later, we have the plant above…with more leaves than before.

As I watched this little fledgling plant grow, it made me think of not only growing physically, but also growing in God.

Growing and blooming in the Lord is much like this little plant growing in the cup.  This little plant needs nutrients, water, and sunlight.  We need nutrients, water, which we get from the Bible and good solid preaching, and Sonlight, which is pretty obvious where it comes from.

Growing in the Lord also comes with growing pains.  We get where we are comfortable in our lives, or we get stuck in a rut and spin out.  We get festered in an area and need healing.  We get a sin boil that needs tended to.  It hurts, it gets inflamed, just like the real thing.

God the Great Physician takes care of the sin boil, taking away the sin and forgiving us.  He takes the infection and heals, making us whole again.  If He didn’t, we wouldn’t heal, we’d get more infected, and get sicker and sicker.  Just look at an unsaved person refusing God…how well do they look in their lives?

The Lord has worked on me as well, and I’ve had my own growing pains recently.  There’s been a lesson I needed to learn, and God put me in a position to learn it whether I really wanted to or not.  It hurt.  A lot.  But once the Lord tended to the infection in my heart that was winding its way through to other areas in my life, I feel a lot better.  The infection affected how I treated my family, how I handled things, etc.  With healing, I am better.  That sin boil is gone!

Growing pains come with being a child of God.  God wants us to look just like Jesus.  He’s crazy about His Son, and wants us to be like Him in all manners.  He will mold us, chisel away at us, take out what needs taking away, adding what needs added, in order for us to be more like Jesus.  It’s not always pleasant, but it’s worth it.

Much like watching this plant grow…

Home Sweet Home

It’s late at night and the house is quiet.  Not a creature is stirring, except for the little Blue Russian kitty.  The wind is blowing hard outside, up to 45 mph gusts that shake and rattle the house.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I had opportunity to spend some time this weekend endulging in some Waltons dvds, and noticed the ongoing theme of how mom (Olivia) and Grandma were home bodies and tended the home and the needs of the family.  They made home cooked meals, washed on a washboard (til John Boy worked his hiney off and bought mom a second hand wringer washer), made their dairy products with milk from their own cows, ironed clothes, made clothing on a treadle sewing machine and by hand, etc.  The 2 women stayed busy all day tending their home and family.  No going and gossiping with the local ladies, no chatting on a phone (or computer) all day long.

Ok, I know that the Waltons is a fictional series.  But there’s somethings that can be gleaned from even the fictional lives played out there.  We’re in a society that tells us women we have to go out and work 80 hours a week at a job we don’t like for a boss we hate and then come home and work on maybe throwing a take out meal together and sleeping.  We’re told to hold off on families, to limit the number of children we should have in order to keep climbing “the ladder”, and if we get pregnant, to abort that interfering child.  We’re told that we’re liberated, that we should wait until later to marry, but go ahead and test drive some men from our teen years on up til marriage.  Our society even tells us to go ahead and test drive a woman or two as well.  We’re told we need to be a size 6 or smaller, we just have to have all the latest fashions on the catwalk, and if we don’t look like an anorexic runway model, we’re too fat for any man out there.

What happened to the days of old?

I hate to say it, but not too awfully long ago, I was too of the mindset of this world.  I was one to hold down a full time job and a part time one as well to earn as much money as I could.  I didn’t NEED it, nor did I have dependents that needed me to earn.  I just WANTED it.  I also fell into the false theory of test driving the car before buying, only on a dating scale.  I bought into the feminist lie that you must go out with and even sleep with many in order to find that elusive “one”.  I bought hook, line, and sinker, every single lie of the world, that things make you happy, children are a burden, and work work work work and build the bank accounts first and foremost and make that an idol.

NO more!

Today, I am blessed.  I am able to stay at home, to cook home made, from scratch meals for my family.  They may not all like what’s fixed, but there’s hot food on the table.  I am blessed to have constant dirty dishes, as they show that I have food to eat and family to sit around my table and enjoy a meal.

I am blessed to be able to stay home.  I do not have the desire or drive to work multiple jobs and long drawn out hours away from home.  I can go days without leaving home if need be.  There’s plenty of work to be done around the house, it is in itself a full time job.  Sure the monitary pay is minimal to none, but the rewards are more than money can buy.

I am blessed to have the family around me.  Some days they drive me insane, and the thought of spending a nice relaxing vacation at the local psych unit has crossed my mind, but they are my family nonetheless.  Had I stuck with the mindset I had, I would not have them.

I am blessed to have a husband who doesn’t care that I am not a size 6 or below and am absolutely not anorexic.  I do not have to be a stick thin model for him.  I can have curves and padding, an imperfect non-airbrushed body that real women have.  He doesn’t expect me to be the epitome of fashion as well.  I don’t have to have high end clothing and 100 pairs of shoes to have what I need.  A simple dress and pair of shoes suffices.

We really need to look back behind us, to the women who came before us.  We’d do good to learn from the days gone by, from the Depression era when women had to stretch everything to make ends meet.  We need to learn to do more on our own, from cooking to sewing, to homemaking and being there for our families instead of out of our homes.  The lies of the feminist movement have taken so much from us, but we women don’t have to believe the lies.

I fear I’ve rattled on….  It’s late into the night and morning comes so soon…  You all have a blessed night and good morning to come!



Peace Like A River

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Ah, I love this hymn….”It Is Well With My Soul”…  It is so..well..peaceful.

It is well, with my soul, It is well, it is well, with my soul. 

In all the turmoil that surrounds us, in our every day lives, this is an excellent reminder!

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, Let this blest assurance control, That Christ has regarded my helpless estate, And hath shed His own blood for my soul. 

Such peace in these words…  Christ shed His blood for me!  And for YOU too!  That someone would love me so much as to die for me and take my sins upon him, that brings much peace to the soul!

Won’t you today find the peace that only comes from Jesus?

Happy New Year!

It’s now 2012, and time to set goals for the new year.  I don’t say resolutions, as those tend to be tossed by the wayside so easily.  Goals seem more attainable, if that makes sense.

My goal list is very simple–to minister more to my family in the coming year, with more peace and joy in my heart that also shows toward my husband and children.  It may mean not taking on many (if any) outside the home projects on my own.  It may mean putting my own desires aside more than I already do.  It may mean holding back a temper that seems to flare under many conditions.

It may mean doing things outside of my comfort zone.

This year I pray I can be in church with my family more.  Not just myself, not just myself and children, but myself, hubby, and children.  I pray all three children can handle what is taught, handle the movement of children around them, and be attentive to their teachers whether they want to or not.  I pray that the people at church are more sensitive to their having autism, MR, bi polar, severe adhd, etc diagnosis and not just lump them in with everyone expecting the same outcome as everyone else.  I also pray that my own heart will once again be more joyful in being in services.  The soil of my heart has started drying up for all the happenings in the past year on the homefront and otherwise, and I pray for the spiritual drought to end.

Another goal is to one day have the entire house clean at the same time.  Even if it only lasts 15 minutes..to have it all totally clean, before someone makes yet another mess.  I would like my family to get the chance to see the entire home clean and sparkly before they run through and trash it yet again.

Next goal is to raise a beautiful garden and put away the fruit of it.  My goal is taking over the front yard (best sun light) and plant many tomatoes, peppers, squash, a few okra, and line with pretty flowers and herbs.  Then, can what I am able to or freeze the produce.  I pray hubby finds work and is able to purchase the canning supplies in order for me to put away plenty of food for the coming year, to best stretch our food budget and give us a healthier diet.

My last goal is to work harder on our shops.  It was a tough year, with little done in the shops. I’m praying that I am able to sit and work on skirts, blouses, jumpers, dresses, etc to offer in my Artfire and Etsy shops.

The one thing I pray for most of all…for Jesus to take us believers all home–in that moment, in that twinkling of an eye, when the dead in Christ rise first, then those of us awaiting His call to go home.  This old world grows more evil by the day, and I grow so weary in it.  This world is not my home..I’m just a passin’ through.

Is this your prayer, that you should see Jesus today?  If you don’t look forward to seeing Jesus, if you don’t know where you’d be if He would come today and take His children home, you should read here–The Gift of Salvation .  It is free for the offering, if you’ll choose to accept!