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Giving Thanks In Storms

For those of us living in the “fly over” states, this last weekend was a rather tense one.  Lots of storms and tornadoes blew through Kansas and Oklahoma and Nebraska and so on.  Our home is in Kansas, home of just about every weather action possible except hurricanes, and we’ve been close to those too a couple or three years ago when one blew in and was so big we had rain from it all the way up here.

A lot of destruction happened over the weekend.  Yes, lots of dollars in damage done, even a handful of lives lost.  We should still give thanks in the midst of the storms, as we are still here.  We are breathing, we have a roof, we have life.

While the storms didn’t really impact us much here in our little corner of the world (they died down significantly before visiting us), we had minor stuff happen around our home.  Our came in large tree limbs snapping off the cherry and mulberry trees.  One limb cracked the trunk of the tree as it splintered off, taking aim at our shed and the roof of our home.  A third tree has cracked and is ready to go into the street at any time the next big gust of wind comes.

Oh, there was a bit of grumbling and complaining at first.  There’s a lot of work for the two of us in order to tend to this particular limb.  It got under shingles in the house’s roof, the weight of it did some damage to our shed, and for a while it was on the electric line, until hubby wiggled it away.  After stepping back and thinking about it, I did find some good in it:  had the shed not been there to take the brunt, the electric line would have been pulled apart and we’d lost power for who knows how long; the shed took the hardest part, and the limbs didn’t fall and completely rip up the shingles on the roof leaving it exposed to rain; the shed took the brunt, or else the big limb could have taken out part of the neighbor’s fence.  The positive side of it, the wood will not go to waste, as our pastor uses wood to heat his home in the winter, and a few truckloads will come of this and the cherry tree, which will provide a few days of heat for free.  God has used a little wind to take care of His own.

When looking at something that at first seems like a hinderance or more than you can handle….give thanks!  The Lord has use for the situation, either to build something in you, or use you to help someone else.

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