Book/Video Review: Hermie-Who’s In Charge Anyway?

I have been privileged to view this video from Tommy Nelson!  In fact, our whole family has viewed it..many times.

We like it so much, we purchased a few more in the Hermie series!

This particular DVD is a “greatest moments” styled show, with the learning moments for some of the major characters in the Hermie series.

Flo, Antonio, Hermie, Wormie, and the other characters share flashbacks of the way they were, their inadequacies, and where the Lord has brought them to.  They all share how God has made them and put them where they are in the Garden.

My children enjoyed watching this, and did so–over and over and over and over.  I enjoyed hearing Tim Conway and Don Knotts, whom I’d grown up seeing on tv and in videos and movies.  I like how the Hermie video is easy for special needs children to follow.  And based on that one video, we purchased 4 more!

I’d definitely recommend this dvd and the whole Hermie series!

WestBow Press


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