Growing Pains

A few weeks ago Miss Jess brought home a little cutting of a plant.  The little thing had 3 leaves and no root system, but it was lodged in a cup of soil and ready to start out.  Miss Jess left it on her dresser for a few days and didn’t mention she had it, but I found it when putting away clothes.  I put some water in it and set it in the kitchen window.

2 weeks later, we had doubled leaves!!  YAY!  Miss Jess was excited as can be to see her little plant growing.  4 weeks later, we have the plant above…with more leaves than before.

As I watched this little fledgling plant grow, it made me think of not only growing physically, but also growing in God.

Growing and blooming in the Lord is much like this little plant growing in the cup.  This little plant needs nutrients, water, and sunlight.  We need nutrients, water, which we get from the Bible and good solid preaching, and Sonlight, which is pretty obvious where it comes from.

Growing in the Lord also comes with growing pains.  We get where we are comfortable in our lives, or we get stuck in a rut and spin out.  We get festered in an area and need healing.  We get a sin boil that needs tended to.  It hurts, it gets inflamed, just like the real thing.

God the Great Physician takes care of the sin boil, taking away the sin and forgiving us.  He takes the infection and heals, making us whole again.  If He didn’t, we wouldn’t heal, we’d get more infected, and get sicker and sicker.  Just look at an unsaved person refusing God…how well do they look in their lives?

The Lord has worked on me as well, and I’ve had my own growing pains recently.  There’s been a lesson I needed to learn, and God put me in a position to learn it whether I really wanted to or not.  It hurt.  A lot.  But once the Lord tended to the infection in my heart that was winding its way through to other areas in my life, I feel a lot better.  The infection affected how I treated my family, how I handled things, etc.  With healing, I am better.  That sin boil is gone!

Growing pains come with being a child of God.  God wants us to look just like Jesus.  He’s crazy about His Son, and wants us to be like Him in all manners.  He will mold us, chisel away at us, take out what needs taking away, adding what needs added, in order for us to be more like Jesus.  It’s not always pleasant, but it’s worth it.

Much like watching this plant grow…


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