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Photo Op

Today was an overcast day for the most part, perfect for photos!  So I took out some of my handmade items and did a few shots…..  Barely finished and then it poured down raining!

These are my split skirts/culottes, made from a Mennonite based pattern, and one made from a Marie Madeline pattern.  Most of these are already in my shop (redoing pics to update listings), and a few have yet to be added in, but will be in the coming day or so.






I didn’t have a model to fit the sizes (2/3 and 14 girls), so the outside line became my friend.

While outside enjoying the nice air, Shadow had a photogenic moment. 🙂


Not a bad day!



Sweet Modesty

Modest attire is so hard to find these days.  Our world loves showing flesh, leaving little to nothing to the imagination….

Here at Sunny Patch, I make clothing that goes against the world!

Miss Jess here is wearing a size 10 blouse and skirt.  The blouse is made of parchment palencia, the skirt in pink palencia.  These are light weight and perfect for spring/summer.

I’ve started making these pieces in sizes 10 and higher especially, as it’s getting harder and harder to find modest dress for those sizes.  I can’t find much of anything on the rack that is appropriate for Miss Jess, and what I do find usually has stretch knits and clings, so I have to buy 2 to 4 sizes larger in order for it not to cling to her.

I believe a little girl should look like a little girl, with sweet dress and a feminine look.  Whether it be skirts, split skirts (culottes), blouses, etc, a little girl can dress modestly and be active!

If you’d like clothing like this for your little girl, click on the pictures to go to our listings on Ebay for ordering.  We’d love to work with you!

New Items 2/17/12 at Sunny Patch Cottage on Etsy

The sewing machine is smoking here at Sunny Patch!  I’ve been having a blast sewing up some sweet skirts and culottes for the Etsy shop!  I wish I had a model for all the different sizes, but alas, a hanger and clips, or a toddler mannequin will have to work.  I hope as the seasons change I can take the new arrivals out to different locales and shoot photos in parks and wooded areas. 🙂

I had a great time sewing the stripwork skirt made from butterflies, polka dots, and blender calico!  This little skirt is sewn with French seams, and hemmed with bias and eyelet for a definite femine touch.  What girly girl wouldn’t love this?!?

I absolutely LOVE this bright yellow blenders calico!  I wish I could have found more of it!  It is absolutely wonderful for a bright and cheery pair of culottes, perfect for spring and summer months!  This is in a girls’ size 6, ready to ship!

This yellow with white polka dots pair of culottes is perfect for spring!  It’s girls’ size 6, and ready to ship.  These culottes are based at size 6, but are easily fitting for up to an 8/9.  They definitely have room for growing girls!  Pair this with a pretty white blouse for church or T-shirt for play!

 This little girls’ skirt has a waist measurement of 25 to 36 inches, so can fit a wide range of sizes!  There’s room to grow and has lots of pastel colors for spring.  Wear this for your Easter egg hunt!

There’s lots more to see at Sunny Patch Cottage on Etsy!


My First Pillowcase Dress!

I’ve finally tried making pillowcase dresses!  I really like how this one came together!


This is made from the design by Little Lizard King.  It’s easy to make, and looks adorable on little girls!

This particular dress is up for sale in our Etsy shop.  Simply click the picture to go there!

New Items at Sunny Patch Cottage Etsy Shops!

Toddlers Size 2T Criss Cross Jumper Dress with Coordinating Bloomer Panties

I’ve been a busy little girl, and am happy to show off my latest creations!  They range from toddler dresses to headbands!

Girls Size 8 Peasant Top and Long Modest Jumper Set


Easter Bunnies Headband

Handmade Laundry Soaps

This past summer I started making my own laundry soap, and I’d love to share with you!

At my Etsy Shop I’ve added listings for various sized packets of homemade laundry soap.  Choose from a sample pack of 10 loads, up to 150 loads.  All come simply packaged, ready to pour into your own container, whether it be a beautiful antique jar or an old bucket.  You will love the difference with the more natural soap blend than the commercially made!!

Have you been looking for a safer, more natural soap for your wash? 
During this last summer, I decided to try making my own laundry soaps, as I honestly was not impressed with the excessive sudsing, and the commercial soap left my clothes so dingy and sapped the color out of newly purchased items.  I’m a budget conscious mom, so the prospect of having my newly bought clothes look old and dingy in one wash was not appealing, and then paying an arm and leg to get the soap to make my clothes look like that was even less appealing.
I put together my own blend based on an old fashioned recipe, and was immediately impressed with how bright my colored clothing turned out and how white my whites were!  My whites looked brand new, even the ones I knew were a few years old! 
So, I went on and tried this blend in an HE washer, which uses low to no sudsing soaps, and it worked wonderfully.  I tried it in a top loading older machine and had the same results.  I even used the old fashioned scrub board and hand washed pieces, and am very very happy with the results! 
The soap is very easy on the hands, leaves no residue/film, and a little goes a long way!  Use only a tablespoon of powder for a large load!  It’s safe for allergy sufferers, and great for those with sensitive skin issues.  My own children have not had the rashes they used to have with commercial brands since we switched.  You may not want a liquid softener with this soap as well, as it softens nicely, but it is entirely up to your tastes.
You can add your own scent to the soap as well, by simply adding drops of essential oils to the powder mix.  I do not add to my own, but I would think a nice lavendar, lilac, or rose would be lovely.
This is hand shredded and mixed, and packaged simply in order to save you cost.  Pour the powder into your own pretty container or bucket (I use ugly 5 gallon buckets for mine, but prettiness is not a factor for my own use).  An antique jar would make a beautiful powder container!  And there’s plenty of them floating around here at Etsy!
This blend is great on your pipes, and I’ve noticed it keeps my drains open and free flowing.  I use it in the kitchen as well, as it is versatile for cleaning not only laundry, but can be used in washing dishes by hand or dishwasher, floors, countertops, bathtubs, toilets, etc.  I use this all over the house with great results.  I’ve been trying to get away from more commercial cleaners, and I’ve found a winner in this!   

150 Load Package

40 Load Package

80 Load Package

60 Load Package

Sample Package, does up to 10 loads

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New Items at Sunny Patch Cottage on Etsy!

Ok, I thought I’d do a little selfish promotion here….  I’ve been sewing and making the Singer smoke! 🙂

Baby's 12 Mos Bloomer/Pantaloons/Diaper Cover

I enjoy making items for baby and toddlers–even tho my children are a bit older now, I like seeing the pieces come together, lined and stitched, to make adorable little items.  I wish I’d have known how to sew better back then!

Baby's Make a Joyful Noise Drop Waist Skirt


Girls' 18 Mos/2T Fall Harvest Pumpkins Twirly Skirt


Baby's 6-12 mos Peasant Top in Fall Leaves


Girls' Size 2 Easter Dress in Make a Joyful Noise and Dots

Follow any of the links and they’ll take you to our Etsy shop!  There’s lots more there, and making more as often as I can (I sew at night after all is done for the day).

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!