About Sunny Patch

Who is Sunny Patch?  That’s me–Angie.  I’m a stay at home wife and mom, with a family of 3 special needs children and 3 furballs.

My munchkins are all school age, so while they are learning at the local school, I cook from scratch good hearty meals, clean around the house (or at least attempt to), hand wash a few tons of laundry, sew clothing for us and for sale, tend the yardwork weather permitting, and a host of other things.  My ADD tendencies kinda have me all over the place…wouldn’t mind having the H part of it too to get it all done faster!  🙂

I’m an Independent Fundamental Baptist, saved by Grace and not by works (lest I be able to boast), and enjoy listening to sermons from my own Pastor, as well as Charles Stanley, the late Adrian Rogers, the late D. James Kennedy, and other bible preaching and teaching men.  I’m far from perfect, still learning and growing in my walk with Jesus, and will be til He calls me back home.

In the late hours after the children are in bed, I enjoy reading and writing.  I’m finally sitting down to actually publish a little of my writing.  I hope to share the talents the Lord has blessed me with–at least I think they’re talents–sewing, learning and using frugal ways to do things, making from scratch and using/reusing/repurposing to make something new.  I hope my writing and photography improves as this project goes along.

Back to the munchkins–you’ll find some odd and end comments in my posts as well about them.  My biological son (Mr. Kevin) has mild autism, bi polar disorder, and mild MR.  He was born a micro preemie and had lack of oxygen in utero and insufficient oxygen for months after birth.  My stepdaughter (Miss Jess) is the youngest, and has severe adhd (not just a little fidgity, we’re talking scrape off the ceiling and unable to concentrate and control herself type thing), and shows signs of autism.  My stepson (Mr. Michael) has a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, severe adhd, and is a wild child.  He has some issues that only Jesus can tackle.  All 3 children live here full time, hubby has sole custody of Miss Jess and Mr. Michael.  I am hubby’s second wife, he is my first and only husband.  We have a wild family, considering the special needs of the children, and they are all within a year or so of each other…stair steps….it gets very interesting.

But the Lord takes care of us…He gives us patience (although none too quickly–we’re famous for that “Give me patience NOW!!” prayer), and helps us through the daily needs.  We’ve learned that we have to fully depend on God to get through the rough patches, as well as the good times.  Without God, we’d fall apart.

I also love to sew!  The items I really enjoy putting together are the more modest, vintage styles, usually lined, and feminine.  I love lined jumpers and dresses, with crisp steam pressing, pleats, gathers, and long, full skirts.  I personally prefer feminine and sweet fabrics rather than the new and funky, pretty florals over mod/brights.  Vintage linens are my absolute favorite to work with, when I can venture out to thrift shops and antique stores to find them.. 

This summer I’ve also ventured back into Farmer’s Markets.  I am at Girard, KS and Franklin, KS.  Both are small towns, but I prefer the atmosphere in these towns over that of the one here in Pittsburg.  The Girard market is more of a family reunion, with hubby’s cousins, dad, and other family members and friends of the family all over town and some selling along side us.  I’m doing homemade from scratch breads (like yeast breads–potato, wheat, white, all with honey or molasses), quick breads, sugar free (with Splenda or Stevia, depending on what’s on hand) goodies, homemade laundry soaps, and my handmade clothing.  Every little bit earned helps the family, so it works for us. 🙂


Nice to meet you all!

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