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Sunny Patch Cottage is a fairly new blog, featuring how-to’s for various homemaking ideas, thoughts, and day to day events here in our home in SE Kansas. We are small but growing, and would love to have you on board with us as we blossom! Our target audience is the Conservative Christian, the Stay At Home Mom (or those who’d like to be), the Do-It Yourself-er, the Seamstress, and those who strive to follow Christ to the best of their ability.

Beginning in May of 2012, we will be bringing advertising to our blog!

If you would like an affordable means of advertising your blog, business, service, etc, I’d be happy to do a personal review, complete with links back to your site/shop/blog/etc. Items that are important to the homemaker, Christian, mom, or are in genearl family friendly are most welcome! Contact me for information on where to send items and I’d be glad to work with you!

Contact us anytime at abellaclan5 at gmail (dot) com

We’d be glad to work with you!

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