Happy New Year!

It’s now 2012, and time to set goals for the new year.  I don’t say resolutions, as those tend to be tossed by the wayside so easily.  Goals seem more attainable, if that makes sense.

My goal list is very simple–to minister more to my family in the coming year, with more peace and joy in my heart that also shows toward my husband and children.  It may mean not taking on many (if any) outside the home projects on my own.  It may mean putting my own desires aside more than I already do.  It may mean holding back a temper that seems to flare under many conditions.

It may mean doing things outside of my comfort zone.

This year I pray I can be in church with my family more.  Not just myself, not just myself and children, but myself, hubby, and children.  I pray all three children can handle what is taught, handle the movement of children around them, and be attentive to their teachers whether they want to or not.  I pray that the people at church are more sensitive to their having autism, MR, bi polar, severe adhd, etc diagnosis and not just lump them in with everyone expecting the same outcome as everyone else.  I also pray that my own heart will once again be more joyful in being in services.  The soil of my heart has started drying up for all the happenings in the past year on the homefront and otherwise, and I pray for the spiritual drought to end.

Another goal is to one day have the entire house clean at the same time.  Even if it only lasts 15 minutes..to have it all totally clean, before someone makes yet another mess.  I would like my family to get the chance to see the entire home clean and sparkly before they run through and trash it yet again.

Next goal is to raise a beautiful garden and put away the fruit of it.  My goal is taking over the front yard (best sun light) and plant many tomatoes, peppers, squash, a few okra, and line with pretty flowers and herbs.  Then, can what I am able to or freeze the produce.  I pray hubby finds work and is able to purchase the canning supplies in order for me to put away plenty of food for the coming year, to best stretch our food budget and give us a healthier diet.

My last goal is to work harder on our shops.  It was a tough year, with little done in the shops. I’m praying that I am able to sit and work on skirts, blouses, jumpers, dresses, etc to offer in my Artfire and Etsy shops.

The one thing I pray for most of all…for Jesus to take us believers all home–in that moment, in that twinkling of an eye, when the dead in Christ rise first, then those of us awaiting His call to go home.  This old world grows more evil by the day, and I grow so weary in it.  This world is not my home..I’m just a passin’ through.

Is this your prayer, that you should see Jesus today?  If you don’t look forward to seeing Jesus, if you don’t know where you’d be if He would come today and take His children home, you should read here–The Gift of Salvation .  It is free for the offering, if you’ll choose to accept!

We cherish your thoughts!

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