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What Is Your Vision For Your Family Being Incorporated In The Church?

written by Pastor Jim Fryer, Independent Bible Baptist Church, Pittsburg, KS

Incorporating your family in the church begins with making sure that they are saved (Christians), and not running amuck in their spiritual life.   That means getting them here for every service to learn the procedure and the people of the church.

Getting them here for every service is probably the most important part of incorporating your child into the ministry of the local church.  In Sunday School they learn how to study the Bible, including the books of the Bible, and making friends who are their age.  In church they learn songs and hear lessons or messages that can and will change their lives.  Becoming incorporated into the different ministries of the church is of vital importance for young people, while learning vast knowledge of how to get along with others and learning the lessons that will make them capable to handle marriage, jobs, and life as a whole.

This is how important the church can be to a family who is struggling spiritually.  God has given you a great church here and a balanced Pastor who listens to problems and will give you the hard facts about what the Bible says for you to do about your problems.

Speak positively about the church, its members and its leaders including Sunday School teachers, Pastor, and even Wednesday night leaders.  It is important that your child does not see church as a “one hour a week” place to attend and “if I have time I’ll go” attitude.  God is more important.  You want to find your children able to make it in this society that we live in, you will not find refuge in the government, the school, the workd place, monetary value, but you will find it in the Lord Jesus, His church, and His Word.

Make these five things the greatest achievements that you or your family (wife included), can do:

Church attendance

Bible reading

Praying (individual and family)

Giving to the local assembly (gathering)

Witnessing (individual or corporately)

If you will come to church as a family, read the Bible as a family, pray as a family, give as a family, and witness in life, word, and deed as a family, God will bless the family.  Your children will be the second generation of Bible believing Christians that will give you grand children that are Bible believing and great grandchildren taht are Bible Believers.

–Jim Fryer