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Making Illegal Legal

This is a touchy topic for some, and I will state up front–this is MY OPINION.  You are welcome to disagree, and if commenting, please do so with tact.

President Obama this past week paved the way for children of illegal immigrants to be legal without having to go through the legal processes that legalized citizens must go through.  This adds a good 12 million “citizens”, who are rightfully citizens of another country, mostly Mexico.

I do not believe this is the right way to handle immigration.

My husband’s family is one of immigrants.  His father is from Cuba, who arrived in America legally, before Castro took over the island.  In order to become naturalized, his dad had to do extensive work and also return back to Cuba to obtain documents needed to declare him to be who and what he said he was.  At the time he returned to the island, Castro had started his revolution.  This was dangerous, as Papa took with him Mama and then baby Becky.  It cost a lot of money, took a lot of time (months), and he and the family were very close to not coming back to America, as Castro had taken over the airport in Havana.

But Papa did what was legal and right according to the laws of the country in which he wanted to be a citizen of.

He did not skirt around laws, ask for exemptions, nor simply live here illegally.  He and other family members who arrived from Cuba took the steps necessary to become American citizens.   They worked hard, held solid jobs, obeyed the laws, and still do.

We are at a time where our liberal government allows any and all who wants to come to simply come, no strings attached (well, maybe a vote in an election would be a good trade).  What would happen if we did this in other countries?

In Mexico, we’d be imprisoned.

In Iran, we’d be imprisoned for simply stepping across the border, let alone live there illegally for years.

In other countries, if we weren’t imprisoned, we’d be deported back to the US.

Yet, we allow illegals here regularly, and are now allowing children of illegals–all the way up to 30 years old (plenty of time to return back to the home country and obtain documents needed for naturalization), to get a “stay in America free” card.

This negates the work people like my Father in Law did in order to become a citizen.  This negates all the hours and studying and such that the family did in order to each one become a citizen.  This makes being a citizen less of a privelege, less of an honor, when it is bestowed on those who choose not to follow our laws in order to obtain it.

As I said in the beginning of this piece…this is simply my opinion.