Look Up

I was looking through the news sites tonight–not the big ones, but the ones that are more..independent… and have to say, it’s just like reading through the events of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelations and so on.

At Watch4Him, the headlines include even more earthquakes, which seem like a multiple a day occurance.  One article links to how JP Morgan is cancelling vacations to prepare for yet another economic meltdown similar to 2008.   Another article links to a site speaking of how China is threatening war in Syria.  There are articles about human barcodes (something easily turned into the mark of Revelations), the worsening global economies, wars and rumors of wars, Israel, the heavens, the rumblings on the earth, etc.

You will find similar at Rapture Ready , which starts with the news of the number of worldly Christians is on the rise.  Sad, isn’t it…how more Christians take on the name but not the life of living for Him?  Then we find about Bilderberg being more than conspiracy theory.  Listen to World View Weekend with Brannon Howse from time to time (on the VCY America networks) and you’ll hear about the Bilderberg mess.   Keep reading and you’ll find more and more news items that you won’t find on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, or any of the other networks.

Keeping an eye to the news and the world around us helps you see that our time on earth really is nearing an end.  In the day of “Dance Moms” (heard a commercial for them this morning on the radio as I was driving around town, almost vomited from listening to the prideful, materialistic woman who has her daughter in this drama queen show),  “American Idol”, and all these other shows promoting extremely worldly values, we don’t tend to look beyond what is superficial.  In doing this, we miss what’s deep down.  God is showing us that we are going to be called home very soon.  He is giving us the signs in the heavens, on earth, below the earth, in our world systems, governments, etc.  Choosing to drown it out with frivolous and mindless musings don’t change the fact….

Our redemption draweth nigh.

Look up folks–Jesus is coming!

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