Why I Will Not Shop JC Penny or Target Again

*Disclaimer*:  This is purely what I believe, based on advertisements, news reports, research from Liberty Counsel, VCY America and other areas.  If you disagree, please keep your comments tasteful regardless.

Around our home, we get a smattering of tv channels.  ABC, CBS, NBC, and a local Fox affiliate, and only if the wind is blowing right and the planets are all in alignment and it’s the 3rd blue moon of the month.  Sometimes we as a family like to sit and watch Wheel of Fortune, maybe Jeopardy, but mostly the local evening news.  Our family consists of 2 boys age 10, and 1 girl aged 8, and we sit with them or are at least in the same room when the tv is on (I sew while the shows are on, staying busy but listening along). 

Lately the commericals for JC Penny have included Ellen DeGeneres.  I was not amused.  We are born again, bible believing Christians, and raising our children under the influence of the KJV, and seeing a homosexual who flaunts her lifestyle advertising the store many times in a half hour period was not welcome.  JC Penny has paraded Ellen for weeks on end, even in one commercial mocking the Bible by using Old Testament scenes. 

There’s been outrage from many, who’ve called the headquarters, mailed letters, emailed, you name it.  The response–“people need to be more tolerant.”  Wrong answer.  The CEO also stated that Ellen espouses the family values of JC Penny.  That’s fine.  But, my dollars will no longer go to support Ellen or the JC Penny “family” values that degenerate the family.

Target has also went on board with the homosexual agenda.  Oh how I used to like Target.  No longer will our family spend a dollar at any Target stores, as we do not and will not willingly and knowingly support the homosexual agenda. 

Instead of the pretty things I’ve purchased over the years at JC Penny and Target, I choose to go to other sources.  Etsy.com has many Christian stay at home moms who are trying to earn for their families.  Many mom and pop shops have items that are just as good or better quality than the 2 afore mentioned bigger stores.  I’d rather my dollar go to a shop that will not waste it on supporting a life ending agenda.  Life ending you say?  Yes.  Two men or two women cannot have children naturally, cannot be a mom and dad, and do not follow a biblical model for the family.  The activity itself shortens life by at least a decade, as the CDC has admitted. 

The focus isn’t all on the parents either.  JC Penny’s has also pointed toward children.  Here at our local school, the 4th graders had an advertising contest, seeing who could draw the best advertisement.  My boys are both in 4th grade.  My oldest was the winner and had it in the local newspaper.  The ad was for JC Penny’s.  We were not happy.  We were never told they would be advertising for JC Penny, nor given the option of another company.  I’m not happy that the boys were advertising for any commercial businesses anyway, but especially those that promote homosexuality, and without out permission, and going against our beliefs!

We’re told in the bible that homosexuality is an abomination.  It takes a lot to be an abomination in the eyes of God.  We’re told how God judged Sodom as they were full of homosexuals who would even rape angels who visited Lot’s home.  We see in various places in scripture where God says the act is an abomination in His sight, without mincing words or sugar coating it.  We are told not to be of the world, not to be “tolerant” of the things around us just because people enjoy doing something.  We are not to tolerate what the world loves when it goes against scripture!  We’re to be a light in the world, speaking Truth regardless of whether the masses want to hear it, not wishy washy and going with the flow like an old dishrag.  It shouldn’t matter what the subject is, God’s truth is supreme!

Support the shops that line up with your beliefs!  If you know they don’t, don’t give them your money.  There’s places such as Starbucks which also support the homosexual agenda, Pepsi Co that uses aborted fetal tissue cells to test “flavoring” (explain to me how that happens), Planned Parenthood, and others who blatently and outright support agendas totally against the family and life.  Let your money do the talking, as you choose where you shop!

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3 thoughts on “Why I Will Not Shop JC Penny or Target Again

  1. Interesting to know about JCPenney and Target. I love both of those stores because of thier prices. I completely agree with what you are saying and will need to make some decisions with my husband on where we shop in the future.

    Thanks for being so transparent! More people need to be this way.

    I don’t watch TV that much and if I do we have recorded it and fastforward during the commercials. So I have not seen the JCPenney ones you mentioned.

    So much to deal with! Can’t wait til Jesus comes back!

  2. Thank you both for your comments! I believe we are responsible for where we spend the money God gives us, and I doubt He’d be pleased if we gave money to folks who purposefully spread anti-biblical and anti-God ways of life. But again, this is my opinion, and it saddens me, as I like(d) JC Penny’s and Target. Just like I used to enjoy Pepsi, but when I found out they use aborted fetal tissue in their development, I stopped buying anything I know of that is affiliated with Pepsi products. My Lord is more important than the businesses that don’t want to admit there’s a God.

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