A Thank You

If you didn’t come by last Monday, we had a small link up here at Sunny Patch! 

Thank you to:

 Ashley Ditto, at Southern Mama and Wife, who stopped by with her beautiful blog! 

Suzanne at Peonies and Buttercups for sharing her table make overs!  Que linda!

Kayse at Finding Hope for sharing a letter to Mommies to Be!  Oh how I remember those NICU days, preemie birth/c-section, and things going totally not the way it was supposed to. 

Thank you Marissa at The Reading List for sharing good Christian reading–definitely one to come back to when needing a good book to sit down with!

Last but not least, thank you Missy at Missy’s Homemaking Adventures for sharing the Muslin Dress, aka a finished UFO.  I have many of those UFO’s running around our house, you’d think we were a part of NASA! 🙂

Again, thank you ladies for linking up with Sunny Patch last week!

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