What is Revival?

What is revial?

1.  A time to reflect on my relationship to God.  What does that mean?  Either you need to be saved, ready for heaven, or you have the need to renew (revive) your relationship to Christ through repentance, or changing your attitude towards God and His requests for each child of God, or confessing to god that you are ready to follow Him completely and wholeheartedly no matter the path He chooses and keeping what He wants close to your heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Using what gifts he has given to you completely to the progression of His Will, not yours.

2.  Resolving and getting full restitution to God the Father by following the Master, Jesus, and submission to God’s will, knowing that yes, there may be a few challenges, but that God will always get your complete dedication and following.

3.  Confessing and leaving any known sin that will come between you and Jesus, the Master in seeing all, knowing all, and all power.  You could not trust anyone else but God to know all about you, yet love you enough to forgive. Complete rejection and turning your back to your sins is a must to have complete revial in your life.

4. Learning and getting full knowledge from God about how He requests you to leve each other in “agape”, “grace giving” love.  See, that’s how God loves you.  In fact, that is the only way He can love us.  Take the challenge, Christian!

From Independent Bible Baptist Church, Pittsburg, KS, Pastor Jim Fryer

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4 thoughts on “What is Revival?

  1. It is great to hear your heart for the Lord and for us to follow Him wholeheartedly! Thank you for linking up to Workin' It Mondays, such a blessing to me!~NicoleWorking Kansas Homemaker

  2. "…knowing that yes, there may be a few challenges, but that God will always get your complete dedication and following"…love this and know this all too well. Thank you for the encouragement here and for sharing this at WJIM.

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