How’s Your Pastor Doing?

This coming week is Revival week for us at Independent Bible Baptist Church.  Pastor Fryer has scheduled some very solid bible preaching and teaching men to come to our church and preach the Word of God.  I’m looking forward to hearing what these men have to say, and praying for not only myself to get back on fire for the Lord, but also for the congregation as a whole. 

A lovely senior lady within our church reminds us often of the blessing in Pastor Fryer, how he is consistent in preaching the Word, without waivering for the fads that are out and about. 

She is right. 

Pastor Fryer is a blessing to the church as a whole, and to us personally.  He stands solid on the KJV, doesn’t sway with the winds of the Purpose Driven movement, with the legalism that is so common within the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, and with the church growth movements of entertaining the crowd instead of telling them how to get saved.  He is an uncommon preacher in this world.  Pastor’s sermons consist of generally 15 to 20 verse references (I take notes and write them down to go back to later, as I can’t keep up otherwis), and his Sunday School and Wednesday evening bible studies are full length single spaced typed pages with tons of references.  A sample can be found here and here, where I’ve put the full verses in and lengthened the overall page, but is a good example of a study.  They are very in depth and really make you think and search your bible.  This is the only church where I’ve come across this intense of study.

Sermons at IBBC have the ability to step on your toes and make you squirm (or at least make you want to).  Pastor doesn’t tickle ears with warm fuzzies, but shows people how they are a sinner in need of a Savior, and then tells them how to meet Him.  He makes no bones about it, doesn’t beat around the bush where salvation is concerned, and of course there are folks who don’t appreciate that.  I sure do, as well as many who attend IBBC.  If you aren’t saved, don’t know Christ as your personal Savior, reside in a sinful life of constant ongoing unconfessed sin, you will be uncomfortable and your toes will be walked on in sermons.  I like how Pastor can start a sermon with 2 Chronicles and turn it to how to get saved, from the long, seemingly endless lines of names of who begat who, to how to meet Jesus.  If you hadn’t heard the Gospel before you walked in to IBBC, you will have heard it before you walk out.

Pastor Fryer works hard, working a full time job with our local school district as a bus driver, as well as pastoring for IBBC.  He works all hours for the school, driving trips for various sports, field trips, regular routes, etc, then immediately prepares for an evening service and driving a bus to pick up children throughout the city for them to come to church, then drives them home after services.  He wears many hats, from pastoring and studying, bus driver, yard crew, etc, to handling the most minute of details.  He puts up with so much, from kids and adults alike, petty nitpicking, arguements, you name it, and keeps a cool head under pressure. 

Pastor’s wife Lucinda stays by his side, working just as hard as he does.  She writes all the cirriculum the children receive 3 times a week, she teaches, she plays music in services, and more than many people see.  She is a loyal and devoted wife, helpmeet, and also stands her ground as needed.  She’s strong, with a sensitive side that not everyone chooses to see.  Without her support, Pastor couldn’t do and be all the different things that is needed within the ministry. 

I came to meet Pastor and Lucinda 4 years ago after moving to the area and searching out a good solid bible teaching and preaching church.  I’d been away from church for a year or so, and wanted a church home.  Both Pastor and Lucinda sat with me, answered all my questions and concerns openly and honestly.  This was what I needed, a church home where I could grow and learn, be of use, and bring up my son (I was a single mom then) in.  Since then I’ve married, and all 3 of the children have come to know the Lord at IBBC, from hearing about Jesus and how to get saved in the children’s classes and also from the preaching in services.  Hubby is learning and growing at his own pace under the solid teaching and preaching.  We’ve visited other churches in the area, but there’s no place like home, with the meaty teaching that we’ve found only at IBBC so far.

Tonight I have been listening to KNEO out of Neosho, MO, and one program spoke about revival.  The man speaking was mentioning a tent revival coming to Joplin next week, the same days as ours here.  He spoke solid biblical salvation, the need for people to turn and repent of their sins and come to Jesus, and basically hell fire and brimstone.  I almost had a Pentecostal moment!  The preacher spoke about pastors who were weak, who only spoke of how to make your life better, your “best life now”, how to better your finances, etc, and leave the Word of God to the side.  This made me wonder…..

How is your pastor doing?

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2 thoughts on “How’s Your Pastor Doing?

  1. Thank you for hosting! Over the past couple of years our Pastor has been delegating more out, which lightens his load a little. I help when I can as well, when hubby ok's the task. Our church population overall is aging, but they do what they can to help in the capacities they have abilities in. One runs the sound room and prepares sermons for the radio program on Sunday on the local oldies rock station. A handful do maintenance around the church, some clean, I help mow when I can, many of us work in classrooms at some point, etc. We average less than 90 per week, with nearly half in children, so we do what we can.

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