What Are Your Spiritual Resolutions?


written by Pastor Jim Fryer, Independent Bible Baptist Church, Pittsburg, KS

What are your spiritual resolutions?

1.  Do you resolve to be more accessible to the needs of the church?

2.  Do you resolve to be more in God’s Word?

3.  Do you resolve to pray more?

4.  Do you resolve to give more?

5.  Do you resolve to come to church more often–maybe add coming to another service on a regular basis?

6.  Do you resolve to invite someone to church or even to be there to pick them up in your vehicle?

7.  Do you resolve to be more supportive of leadership in the church?

8.  Do you resolve to do more for the needs of others?

9.  Do you resolve to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?

10.  Do you resolve to love others as you love yourself?


All these resolutions are based on Mark 12:30, 31.  We as adults cannot expect our children and young people in the church to be on a consistent growing upward climb unless we as adults are willing to make the sacrificial cut of all the “things” we have in our lives which are holding us back from getting on board and following the Bible plan for the church.  God expects us to lead the way.  Our government, schools, and even our churches lack the light sometimes, so we must ascend and dig, build, uplift, and guide.  Do you resolve???

We cherish your thoughts!

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