New Items 2/17/12 at Sunny Patch Cottage on Etsy

The sewing machine is smoking here at Sunny Patch!  I’ve been having a blast sewing up some sweet skirts and culottes for the Etsy shop!  I wish I had a model for all the different sizes, but alas, a hanger and clips, or a toddler mannequin will have to work.  I hope as the seasons change I can take the new arrivals out to different locales and shoot photos in parks and wooded areas. 🙂

I had a great time sewing the stripwork skirt made from butterflies, polka dots, and blender calico!  This little skirt is sewn with French seams, and hemmed with bias and eyelet for a definite femine touch.  What girly girl wouldn’t love this?!?

I absolutely LOVE this bright yellow blenders calico!  I wish I could have found more of it!  It is absolutely wonderful for a bright and cheery pair of culottes, perfect for spring and summer months!  This is in a girls’ size 6, ready to ship!

This yellow with white polka dots pair of culottes is perfect for spring!  It’s girls’ size 6, and ready to ship.  These culottes are based at size 6, but are easily fitting for up to an 8/9.  They definitely have room for growing girls!  Pair this with a pretty white blouse for church or T-shirt for play!

 This little girls’ skirt has a waist measurement of 25 to 36 inches, so can fit a wide range of sizes!  There’s room to grow and has lots of pastel colors for spring.  Wear this for your Easter egg hunt!

There’s lots more to see at Sunny Patch Cottage on Etsy!


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