But Mom…

Any woman who has ever turned into Mom has heard these words…”but mooooooooom”.  If you’re a dad, it’s “but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad”.  And usually inclues rolling of the eyes.  And a sigh.

It gets old pretty fast.  I’ll be honest, I tell the kids not to give me an attitude, as I have plenty of my own.  I get impatient at times with the whiny attitude.  Other times I’m more patient.

What if God were like us?  How would we fare if God was impatient with us when we say “But God, are You sure?”, or “But God, do You really know what that person’s like?”, ” But God…”

While we work on teaching our kids not to have an attitude with us, not to whine and question us, we do the same with our Lord.

When is the last time God told you to do something, and you stepped back and said, “But God…”?  Did God ask you to step out in faith and do a task, and you questioned Him?  Did He tell you to do something and remind you to trust Him?

God is the original parent, and it grieves Him when we question His authority.  Nowhere in Scripture do we see God or Jesus jumping for joy when anyone questioned Godly authority.  There’s times when He has to teach us not to question Him….much like we must teach our children to respect our authority as parents.

The job isn’t easy.  God’s first created “children” disobeyed Him and continue to do so.  Our own children have our nature, and they are bent to acting like the devil.  God’s begotten Son DID obey Him, all the way to the cross, laying His own life down as the Father demanded.

So when you hear “But Mooooooooooooom” with eyes rolling and an aggravated sigh, know you’re not alone.  God hears similar words of everyone except Jesus, who instead responded “yes, Father.”

How will you respond?

We cherish your thoughts!

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