This Handmade Life Part 7: Meatloaf Burgers aka Budget Stretchers

It is time again for the next segment of “This Handmade Life”!  (listens to the thunderous applause)

Today, we are doing Meatloaf Burgers.  I also like to think of them as budget stretchers.  You’ll see why in a minute.

I discovered this a year or so ago, when my hubby wanted meatloaf but the kids won’t touch it.  Go figure–kids not wanting something that the parents think is good…and budget friendly.  So, I tricked em.

I used the same fixings (minus the ketsup), and whipped up these burgers.

In a bowl, add in burger (I use something called “Boston Burger” from our local non-chain grocery store, which is a combination of beef and pork), crackers (or bread or oatmeal or whatever you have that will suffice as a filler–I’ve used all 3 mentioned and all of them turned out just fine), and 4 or 5 eggs (this is for 3 pounds of burger).



From there, I added in to this batch a spoon full of Spanish paprika.

A spoon full of dill weed.


A spoon full of ground rosemary.

Mix this all together, using a wooden spoon or your hands or whatever.  I prefer hands, as it’s easier to get all the ingredients mixed into the meat.

Break out a large frying pan and spray it down with pan spray or a bit of oil, as this will stick due to the crackers soaking up fats.  Brown them like you would regular hamburgers.

Serve like regular hamburgers, with all the ketsup, mustard, pickles, etc that you like!

I like doing these rather than full meat hamburgers, as with the cost of meat going up, and with kids to feed, one has to find a way to make the meat stretch a little farther.  By doing this, I can make a family package of meat, at $2.59 to $3.59 a pound depending on the type of ground meat,  stretch to last up to 2 meals instead of 1, with everyone able to have seconds at the first meal as well.  Pair this with a tater tot or veggie and you have a nice filling meal. 🙂


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4 thoughts on “This Handmade Life Part 7: Meatloaf Burgers aka Budget Stretchers

  1. I LOVE meat 😉 :)…and this is a great recipe 😉 🙂 I do have to eat gluten free, so I’d have to find a different type of cracker to use, but that’s no problem 🙂 🙂 Oh, where do you buy your spices? It looks like you store them in builk at home? Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    • LOL Oh I love meat too! 🙂 I imagine there’s gluten free fillers, haven’t looked for any personally, but surely there’s some out there! Yes, I buy in bulk, from a Mennonite shop in Missouri. It is soooooo much cheaper that way–what I spend on one container of bulk spice is less than I’d spend on a much smaller container at the regular store. The 3 spices/herbs I used in this cost a total of $5 in bulk all together, and I’ve had them a year, and use them quite a bit too! I buy cinnamon by the pound, for about $4, already ground (and a few sticks here and there too), and yeast for $7 a pound (where you get the little bitty jars or the packets for nearly the same cost at the groc store for much much less product…that pound of yeast is about half gone and been in the freezer a year, and I use it a lot too). During Farmer’s Market season I may go through 2 pounds total, with heavy baking. If you can find a Mennonite/Amish shop, by all means go to it and stock up–it’s totally worth it!! I spent around $100 last year at tax time, including buying doughnut cutters and an apple pie crust thing that cuts little apple shapes and a tortilla wire thing to hold soft shells to fry into the U shape taco shells, and a TON of spices and yeast. I’m using everything I bought still, well, maybe except the garlic that’s gone now, but everything else even used liberally is still here! 🙂

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