The Handmade Life Part 5–Stewed Tomatoes

God is good!  He pointed me to a sale this last weekend of fresh tomatoes, knowing I’ve been craving fresh maters!

I was blessed to be able to purchase a few pounds of romas, and not only have a nice salad, but make some home made stewed tomatoes!

I simply diced up the tomatoes, skin on, and put them in a large stock pot with water.  To this I added some sautee’d onions and bell peppers (in olive oil).

Into the pot I also added some dried basil, parsley, oregano, spanish paprika, dill, rosemary, and garlic chips.  This simmered for a good 2 to 3 hours…

Hubby was hovering over this. 🙂  His nose drew him in from across the house.

This cooled down and went into quart bags and off to the freezer.  This will be a base for spaghetti sauce and soups!

Raising Homemakers

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