A Handmade Life Part 1–Miss Jess


For those who don’t know us, we are definitely into the handmade/homemade way of life!

I enjoy sitting at my sewing machine and creating modest clothing for Miss Jess (my stepdaughter who lives with us fulltime) and myself.  Miss Jess likes having new clothing, made just for her, in colors and fabrics she picks out.  She squeals in delight when a new pieces is fresh off the sewing machine!

I’ve found over the years that making our own clothing, at least for Miss Jess and myself, is the most economical.  We are able to get a style that is modest, in colors and prints we like.  I am able to buy in bulk from wholesalers, warehouses, online, locally with coupons (gotta love Joann’s), and really have more choice in styles, colors, designs, on the fabrics.  For instance, I prefer not to have stretch knits with “Rock Star” and “Hannah Montana” and the like on them–I just can’t see allowing Miss Jess wear those.  I turn away from peace signs as well, as I see them as broken upside down crosses.  Having my choice in fabrics, I can choose beautiful florals, sweet character prints (like the Disney Princesses or Winnie the Pooh or the like), ginghams, etc in colors I like, rather than relying on the commercial manufacturers to do the choosing for me.

In making our own clothing, I also get the luxury of choosing the style we wear.  For Miss Jess, she can have more modest jumpers, twirly skirts that fall at or below the knee (very helpful for growing girls), classic blouses with button front and peter pan collars, sweet dresses with all kinds of embellishments, etc.  She can choose her colors, her fabric prints, all the pretties that embellish, and even sit and help add some things to her outfits.


Part of the home made/hand made life, is also the accessories that go along with the outfits.  Here, Miss Jess has really enjoyed herself!



Miss Jess loves her flowers.  Most mornings I must braid her hair or put it in at least some kind of pony tail and put in a clip or bobbie.


But, our handmade life also goes beyond clothing and hair…  It also extends to toys.

This year, I decided to do something a little special.  For a few days, during slow times, like while waiting for the kids to get out of school (and the hour wait in line) and in the quiet late night hours, I hand stitched white muslin pieces.  Then, Mr. Kevin helped me stuff the pieces.  I then painted a face and stitched on some long brown yarn hair.  The result is a 41 inch doll that wears a size 4 girls’ clothing.

And Miss Jess had to add her hair clippies to it.  And socks.  And shoes.


The handmade life can be very enjoyable–maybe you’d like to try a little handmade in your life too?




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