Hand Made Christmas Table Decor

It’s nearing Christmas, and as with many other families, our finances didn’t afford fancy store bought decorations and frills.  I don’t usually mind not having tons of frills anyway, but this year, I wanted to make something simple but sweet to add a little whimsy to our home.

Turns out, hubby had a crystal bowl that hadn’t been used since..well..forever.  It was sitting amongst my supplies on the shelves.  I thought it was too pretty to just let sit and collect dust, so I brought it out, cleaned out the family of dust bunnies (it was a sad good bye), and let it dry well.  Then, I added in Epsom salts (and a little Kosher salt–I ran out of Epsom after a while).  I located my tea lights, and was delighted to find some scented ones as well as the plain white ones.  For today they are set up in 4 lights, but the first night I had them out, I had 8 in the bowl.  Very pretty when lit!!!  Very simple, with just the cost of Epsom salts (which after this can be reused in my foot bath) and tea lights (that I purchased on clearance after Christmas last year at Dillon’s.)

Before I did this bowl, I broke out the canning jars.  I have had them stashed for different storage needs–buttons, tea lights, etc.  They were empty and ready to go, so I put Epsom salts in them.  The jar sizes varied, so it made for an even better display!

Please forgive the cow behind them.  That would be a vintage 3 sectioned cow canister set that holds my tea bags and sweetener packets.  The Heifer has her own special place on the table.


 I think maybe next year the crystal bowl may hold mini ornament balls or something colorful and joyful.  Or candy–YUM!

Easy and thrifty, this is a quick little idea you can put together in minutes!  Then turn off the lights and enjoy the glow from your table.  The kids loved it–they all went “ooooooooooooh” and “aaaaaaaaaaah” as we had the candles all lit and the tree lights on…very pretty sight!

I hope you enjoy the simple things this Christmas!  Remember, it’s Jesus’ birthday, let’s keep the focus on Him, and ways to glorify Him!


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