Hand Made Christmas Ornies

As we get nearer to Jesus’ birthday, I’ve enjoyed making more handmade pretties to beautify the tree.  The kids think it’s cool as can be that Mom makes a lot of things and they can help choose colors and baubles to put on different items.

This year it’s been taking the “shatterproof” ball ornaments and adding to them.

I’ve also learned something…they are not shatterproof.  The folks who named them that for marketing neglected to come to our home and try them out.  I have the broken pieces of these “shatterproof” balls to testify that the makers of these balls are not marketing correctly.  First, they do not hold up to a wild 6 month old Russian Blue who looks so sweet and cuddly.

Second, they do not hold up to being strung on a line and hung outside in the Kansas wind.  And being slammed by a door in the wind.  At 40 mph.

Third, they do not hold up to a 200+ person stepping on them.

Like I said, they didn’t test them in our house.  Shame on them!!!

Anyway, back to the main idea here.  I took these little ornie balls and painted some of them pink.  Or, as Miss Jessica says, “PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!” LOL  I then added little satin roses to the top of the balls.

I also took the shiny ornie balls and added flowers, cameo buttons, lace, ribbon, rick rack, etc to make fru fru balls.

Other ornies in the photos are simple and inexpensive glittery pieces.  But, these pieces show best what is at the heart–the church, representative of Christ, and the other handmade pieces from the kids that are scattered over the tree.

The decorated ornie balls are a thrifty way to add a touch of whimsy.  They just take things you may already have in your stash–no need to go out and purchase a bunch of craft supplies, just use whatever you have on hand, some glue, and some imagination.  For pennies you can have a handmade Christmas ornie in no time, and the memories as well that come from family time making them!  Get your children involved, and make some fun times and memories for years to come.  The mess is temporary (unless you’re using crazy glue, and well…we all know what that’s like).

Oh…and if you’re like us, you may have 4 legged children as well.  We added bells to the bottom of the tree to act as an “alarm”.  They work well for both 2 legged and 4 legged children.


Have a Merry Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Hand Made Christmas Ornies

  1. The ornaments are fantastic, I love the idea of putting bells on the bottom of the tree as an alarm. Many Christmas trees could have been saved if some of us had been smart enough to think of that. Thank you for this helpful tip.

    • Thanks 😉 These have been needed for a while due to the 14 yr old cat (Mittens, aka The Heifer, not to be confused with Heifer that’s the cow canister) who loves to relive her kitten days. And now with the 6 or 7 month old Russian Blue (Shadow, aka Little Fart), it tells us when there’s fights under the tree, when Shadow is climbing up the tree, looking at the tree, etc. And it tells on the kids too. Our tree is actually secured to the wall!!! I have a big honking stud nail that I ran some string around and through the branches and back to it…and that’s what has kept the tree upright so far–holding on to that big ol nail! LOL!

  2. Sandy Lewis shared your blog on her Facebook and so glad she did
    Sunnypatch, you did a good job of embellishing the ornies…turned out lovely!
    btw, love the snowflakes on your page…way cool!

    merry christmas!

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